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If you're a professional landscape design/build contractor, this is the place for you!

Join our community of landscape design/build contractors, just like you, who are always on the lookout for exciting new ideas, unique business solutions and experienced professional advice--not to just succeed, but thrive in the exciting and challenging world of landscape design/build. You'll be glad you did!

Turning HOA Blues to Green
Jody Shilan, Editor
Turning HOA Blues to Green I am working with a landscape contractor right now who is trying to generate more revenue with an HOA he maintains. We just finished doing a walkthrough with the landscape committee last week. The contractor has maintained the property for several years now . . . keep reading
Sell the Design, Sell the Installation.
Jody Shilan, Editor
Sell the Design, Sell the Installation. For those FD2B members that have not downloaded my design fee proposal from the website, you really should. I have taken one of the more difficult aspects of the design/build process and turned into a simple one-page document that can be signed at your first . . . keep reading
Doing Well By Doing Good
Jody Shilan, Editor
Doing Well By Doing Good This past weekend, dozens of members from the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association and I built our annual volunteer project. In previous years, we have installed a teaching garden at Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, restored and replanted a right of . . . keep reading
We Are Not A Commodity!
Jody Shilan, Editor
We Are Not A Commodity! One of the biggest assets that design/build contractors have going for us is that we are not a commodity. Homeowners and property managers may think that we are, so that they can try to create an apples to apples comparison. The reality is that they cannot and this . . . keep reading
Forget About an Open House - How About Trying an "Open Landscape"?
Jody Shilan, Editor
Forget About an Open House - How About Trying an "Open Landscape"? One of the biggest concerns during the summer is how to generate new leads. Your spring sales installation work is starting to run thin right about now and fall sales are still a few months away. With all of the competition and price-cutting going on out . . . keep reading
More Sales Calls Do Not Equal More Sales
Jody Shilan, Editor
More Sales Calls Do Not Equal More Sales I have heard this theory for many, many years and actually used to believe it myself. I mean, when you think about it, it sort of makes sense. The more sales calls that you go on, the better your chances are of selling. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it . . . keep reading
Hardscape Restoration Services
Jody Shilan, Editor
Hardscape Restoration Services I've decide to do a follow up to last week's Trade Secret, "Bored on the Fifth of July" and drill down into this topic a little bit more to provide you with a new profit center to add to your arsenal of offerings to your clients. It will not only help you . . . keep reading
Bored on the Fifth of July
Jody Shilan, Editor
Bored on the Fifth of July As summer slowly approaches and your spring sales have almost all been installed, fears of how to fill the summer calendar with work begins to set in. Even though it was a very long winter and everybody got a late start this year, that post 4th of July work . . . keep reading
First Do No Harm (Part II)
Jody Shilan, Editor
First Do No Harm (Part II) As promised, here is part two of the proper way to plant plants. And once again, I am offering it as a free Trade Secret. For those of you that did not read it, see Part I, it would be a good idea to read it first. After you finish reading both Public Service . . . keep reading
First Do No Harm (Part 1)
Jody Shilan, Editor
First Do No Harm (Part 1) I wish that we as landscape designers and landscape contractors had a Hippocratic Oath, similar to what doctors have. Because if we did, we would have the same responsibility to "First Do No Harm". If we had a similar mantra or code of ethics to follow, . . . keep reading
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