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If you want to dramatically increase your landscape design/build sales, then this is the place for you!

Join our community of professional design/build contractors, just like you, who are always looking for exciting new ideas, unique business solutions and experienced professional advice to improve their landscape design/build sales--not to just succeed, but thrive in the challenging world of landscape design/build. You'll be glad you did!

It's All in the Details
Jody Shilan, Editor
It's All in the Details This week's Trade Secret is so amazing that I can't believe that I have not written about it before. It is actually based on an employee that I worked with over 10 years ago. He was a very interesting character because he was very detail oriented, but . . . keep reading
Social Media Phobia
Jody Shilan, Editor
Social Media Phobia Although I'm not a social media expert by any stretch of the imagination, I am a pretty smart guy, regardless of what my kids think. As I mentioned in my "Letter From The Editor", I facilitated a round table discussion on social media with a diversified group of . . . keep reading
We're Not the Cheapest
Jody Shilan, Editor
We're Not the Cheapest If there's one thing for sure, contractors love to brag. Unfortunately, they love to brag about things that, quite frankly, aren't really worth bragging about, like how many estimates they have to do. As though somehow the number of estimates they have to do has . . . keep reading
Not in My Neighborhood
Jody Shilan, Editor
Not in My Neighborhood One of the main themes in all of my public presentations is the importance of charging design fees. I have written about this topic many, many times from a variety of perspectives. Well, it looks like I am about to write another one. The reason that it is imperative that . . . keep reading
The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Back)
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Back) This week's Trade Secret is actually a sort of sequel to last week's Trade Secret entitled, "You 'Like' Me, You Really 'Like' Me" (link). Although the titles don't actually convey that feeling like Rocky and Rocky II or Die Hard and Die Harder, there is a . . . keep reading
You 'like' me, you really 'like' me!
Jody Shilan, Editor
You 'like' me, you really 'like' me! Whenever you're doing any sort of renovation project, where you are ripping out and removing overgrown plant material, outdated and failing hardscapes, such as railroad tie walls, pressure treated decking or cracked concrete, the changes to the home and property are . . . keep reading
The Business of Business Cards
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Business of Business Cards Whenever I speak at trade shows, I always like to have some fun with the attendees. One of the things that I like to do to get audience participation, as well as teach them an important lesson, is to give away a free drawing tube at each session. During my . . . keep reading
The Initial Meeting Holy Grail
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Initial Meeting Holy Grail While working on one of my PowerPoint presentations for CENTS, I had an epiphany. OK, maybe it wasn't really an epiphany, but just a damn good idea. I realized that no matter what any of us were taught, there is only one ultimate goal for our first client meeting. . . . keep reading
Thanks, But No Thanks
Jody Shilan, Editor
Thanks, But No Thanks One of the best things that you can do this year to be more successful is just say "no" to new work. No I'm not crazy, I'm dead serious. Every year, we say "yes" to projects that we should have never agreed to. You know exactly what I'm talking about. . . . keep reading
Omaha 42. Omaha 42. Hut, Hut!
Jody Shilan, Editor
Omaha 42. Omaha 42. Hut, Hut! I just got back from seeing my first live professional football game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. Although we live in northern New Jersey and are supposed to be either Giants or Jets fans, we're Eagles fans. I use the term . . . keep reading
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