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Landscape Design continued

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That's More Than We Wanted to Spend
Jody Shilan, Editor
That's More Than We Wanted to SpendAlthough I've discussed my philosophies on negotiating in previous Trade Secrets I am taking a slightly different approach this week to show you the right way to respond to a client when they say, "that's more than we wanted to spend". . . . keep reading

Don't Call Me a Salesperson. I'm a Landscape Designer!
Jody Shilan, Editor
Don't Call Me a Salesperson. I'm a Landscape Designer!Let's face it. Landscape Designers have a difficult job. Besides having a creative mind and great design skills, they also need to understand botany, soil science, hydrology, physics and a half-dozen other scientific sub-specialties. As if that was not . . . keep reading

C to C Networking
Jody Shilan, Editor
C to C NetworkingWe're all familiar with business-to-business networking or B to B, as well as business to consumer networking, or B to C. Well there's a category of networking that you have successfully been involved with for years but rarely think about as a business . . . keep reading

Everybody Gets the Same Leads
Jody Shilan, Editor
Everybody Gets the Same LeadsI was at your workshop at the Green Expo in Atlantic City (it was great by the way) and had a question. When you said that everybody gets the same leads, I'm not sure that I completely understand what you mean. One thing is for sure; I definitely don't get the same calls as . . . keep reading

Right Brain versus Left Brain
Jody Shilan, Editor
Right Brain versus Left BrainCompanies of every size constantly struggle with the best way to separate the roles of design and production, regardless of how many years they've been in business. Creating a highly-functional design/build "team" requires a significant amount of work and . . . keep reading

There Is No "They" But There Are A Lot Of Us
Jody Shilan, Editor
There Is No Every now and then, I like to write a free Trade Secret for everyone to read. They are usually about great ideas that are important for everyone in the green industry and not just members of So for everyone that reads this, I hope that . . . keep reading

But Can it Fly?
Jody Shilan, Editor
But Can it Fly?At the end of my presentations and webinars, I always leave room for some questions. Since my process and methodologies are a little bit "outside the box", it is often difficult for everyone to get their head around them. However, once they do realize how great . . . keep reading

Growing Their Budget by Turning Needs Into Wants
Jody Shilan, Editor
Growing Their Budget by Turning Needs Into WantsWikipedia defines a need as something that is necessary for organisms to live. This would include food, water, shelter and air. I think we'll be a little looser in our definition since it's pretty safe to say that typically we are not dealing with life and death . . . keep reading

14 Must Do New Years Resolution For 2014
Jody Shilan, Editor
14 Must Do New Years Resolution For 2014Instead of having to come up with your own New Years Resolutions, I am going to make it easy and just give them to you. I know this is a little unorthodox, but we all need a good kick in the ass now and again. Or if I want to keep this site PG, I should . . . keep reading

Design Fees -- Hit or Stick?
Jody Shilan, Editor
Design Fees -- Hit or Stick?For those of you who have never played blackjack, also known as 21, I am going to do a quick overview and show you how this simple card game has a lot of similarities to design/build sales. Now in this week's Trade Secret I am not going to get into all of . . . keep reading

Analyze This
Jody Shilan, Editor
Analyze ThisIt's easy to waste a lot of time doing a site analysis by collecting too much data or using inefficient systems. However, you certainly don't want to rush through your analysis and be inaccurate. I have written a four part series on how to . . . keep reading

How Can't I Help You?
Jody Shilan, Editor
How Can't I Help You?Several weeks ago, I had Joe Pedatella of Spa 23 as a guest on FD2B "Talk" Radio. You may wonder why I would have the owner of a health club on a radio show that is dedicated to helping landscape contractors grow their businesses. I promise you that after you . . . keep reading

Boulders Do Not Fix Everything
Jody Shilan, Editor
Boulders Do Not Fix EverythingI pride myself on the fact that I can both design and build landscapes. I have the educational background in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers and UMass, along with the practical experience of designing and building landscapes when I owned my own D/B company. . . . keep reading

Design/Build Goes Retail
Jody Shilan, Editor
Design/Build Goes RetailEvery now and then, I like to provide a Free Trade Secret in its entirety for everyone. And that's exactly what I'm doing this week. As much as I would like to provide free ideas and information to everyone, every week, is a business venture . . . keep reading

Finish What You Started
Jody Shilan, Editor
Finish What You StartedI am currently working on a swimming pool project that has gone a little bit south. Both the client and contractor are frustrated and quite honestly, both of them are justified. In this particular case, I was called in after the project already began and . . . keep reading

There's No I in Team
Jody Shilan, Editor
There's No I in TeamWe recently started a new approach to meeting with clients about their design/build projects and so far, it seems to be working pretty well. Like many of you that design and sell, I typically meet with the clients by myself for the initial consultation to . . . keep reading

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