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Landscape Design continued

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A Marriage Made in Heaven
Jody Shilan, Editor
A Marriage Made in HeavenI just finished an installation project with a landscape contractor this week where I was reminded of some very important lessons. I was hired to do the landscape plan, help present and sell the project, and to oversee the installation. Three things that I love to do and am quite good at, if . . . keep reading

It's Time You Got Your Degree In "Value Engineering"
Jody Shilan, Editor
It's Time You Got Your Degree In If you're not familiar with the term "value engineering", you really need to be. More importantly, you need to know how to do it. Value engineering is one of those terms that makes something simple sound complex, so when you say it you sound well educated and rather . . . keep reading

All Patios are Not Created Equal
Jody Shilan, Editor
All Patios are Not Created EqualAs you may know from last week's interview on Landscape Live!, I am currently renovating the backyard of my friends, Don and Donna Hammer. Although I don't do many "builds" these days, I still enjoy doing a project or two each year. It keeps me on top of my game and I . . . keep reading

It Didn't Look Like That in the Brochure
Jody Shilan, Editor
It Didn't Look Like That in the BrochureAlthough we can all agree that there is a basic process to most landscape installation projects - demolition, excavation, hardscape and then landscape. It seems pretty straightforward and usually is; however, problems can start to develop when changes . . . keep reading

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Jody Shilan, Editor
Can't We All Just Get Along?One of the most difficult things to do in landscape design/build is to successfully transfer a project from design/sales to production. Unfortunately, if you don't have a well-defined process to properly "hand off' the project, your installation, your . . . keep reading

Glamour Do's and Don'ts
Jody Shilan, Editor
Glamour Do's and Don'tsThere are many thoughts and opinions as to what is the appropriate look for a landscape designer / sales person. Should they be "landscape" business casual or is it acceptable for them to wear hybrid clothing that is suitable for a presentation or some fieldwork? . . . keep reading

How To Get Paid For Your Landscape Plans
Jody Shilan, Editor
How To Get Paid For Your Landscape PlansWhen you sign up to receive my free weekly Trade Secrets, you get a nice thank you and a link to download a copy of my Ultimate Design Proposal. The proposal was generated in QuickBooks, but I have put it into Microsoft Word so that you can cut and paste it onto your own letterhead and manipulate it as needed. . . . keep reading

The "Wow" Factor
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Although my stomach may not completely support this fact, I have been working out with a trainer at Spa 23 for about two years now. While I'm successful at the exercise part of "diet and exercise", I admit that I get a C- on the diet part. As I have been told many . . . keep reading

What to Do When Spring Hasn't Sprung
Jody Shilan, Editor
What to Do When Spring Hasn't SprungHere in the Northeast, the harbinger of spring was another snowstorm. As I write this week's Trade Secret, looking out of the window of Starbucks, it looks like we will be getting the 5-6" that were predicted. Although the temperature is currently 30 degrees, . . . keep reading

Unhappily Ever After
Jody Shilan, Editor
Unhappily Ever AfterIn my Trade Secret, "Not in My Neighborhood", I tackled the concept of charging design fees, even though some of your competitors do not. Joe Mazza of Imagastone Landscape Design in Frankfort, New York said that my articles inspired him to finally put his foot down and . . . keep reading

Social Media Phobia
Jody Shilan, Editor
Social Media PhobiaAlthough I'm not a social media expert by any stretch of the imagination, I am a pretty smart guy, regardless of what my kids think. As I mentioned in my "Letter From The Editor", I recently facilitated a round table discussion on social media with a diversified . . . keep reading

We're Not the Cheapest
Jody Shilan, Editor
We're Not the CheapestIf there's one thing for sure, contractors love to brag. Unfortunately, they love to brag about things that, quite frankly, aren't really worth bragging about, like how many estimates they have to do. As though somehow the number of estimates they have to do has . . . keep reading

Not in My Neighborhood
Jody Shilan, Editor
Not in My NeighborhoodOne of the main themes in all of my public presentations is the importance of charging design fees. I have written about this topic many, many times from a variety of perspectives. Well, it looks like I am about to write another one. The reason that it is imperative that . . . keep reading

You 'like' me, you really 'like' me!
Jody Shilan, Editor
You 'like' me, you really 'like' me!Whenever you're doing any sort of renovation project, where you are ripping out and removing overgrown plant material, outdated and failing hardscapes, such as railroad tie walls, pressure treated decking or cracked concrete, the changes to the . . . keep reading

The Business of Business Cards
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Business of Business CardsWhenever I speak at trade shows, I always like to have some fun with the attendees. One of the things that I like to do to get audience participation, as well as teach them an important lesson, is to give away a free drawing tube at each session. During my . . . keep reading

The Initial Meeting Holy Grail
Jody Shilan, Editor
The Initial Meeting Holy GrailWhile working on one of my PowerPoint presentations for CENTS, I had an epiphany. OK, maybe it wasn't really an epiphany, but just a damn good idea. I realized that no matter what any of us were taught, there is only one ultimate goal for our first client meeting. . . . keep reading

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